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  • Ideal for 3D Vision Applications
  • Independently locatable sensors provide ideal baseline for perspective based measurements
  • Extremely wide choice of sensors: 640 x 480 to 4872 x 3248 pixels
  • Embedded PoE Gigabit Ethernet Switch (7 Ports) to provide communication with PLCs, sensors, actuators, motor controllers, and enterprise resources
  • Full resolution real time displays of images from both cameras with overlays of inspection results with no impact on processing time
  • Embedded PLC with 1.2 µS network wide latency for the sum of:
    – Change of conditions at sensor input
    – Inbound communication to decision engine
    – Decision made
    – Outbound communication to another sensor or actuator
    – Remote action initiated
  • Bidirectional Full Wave Bridge Rectified Opto-Isolated I/O – 16 Channels
  • Interactive graphical setup and display of system architecture
  • Bi-directional communication with all major vendors’ PLCs in their native communication method at their maximum rates.
    – Ethernet/IP Adapter
    – EtherCAT Slave
    – Open Modbus/TCP
    – Powerlink
    – Profinet IO-RT Device
    – Varan Client

Dual Camera System Example

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Choreographer displays system components and allows graphical configuration of their relationships, and communication. It stores all configuration information for complex systems in one file that can be used to fabricate duplicate systems, or repair systems in the field.